Her breathing was heavy, her breasts pulsing, her eyes dark and faded with surrender. His voice was all she could hear, her oasis in a painful journey to become purified as a proper slave. She was His.

She wriggled against the stone altar, her hands tied tightly over her head and her legs tied down on either side of the stone. Her naked breasts and cunt were exposed for the taking. She began to feel faint as she awaited her Master. After being fucked by her Master’s cloaked business partners for more than four hours, she was weak and broken. She longed for her Master’s tender kiss and to finally be free.

Soon there were footsteps along the marble hallway leading to the dark chamber where she laid. The door creaked open slowly and she could hear heavy breathing. Her head rolled about, desperately trying to see who was there. At last she heard her Master’s voice. “Madelain,” he whispered against her ear. “I have a surprise for you.” Though her heart began to race with anticipation, she knew she could never be sure what her Master would do next, which was also why she was deeply in love with him.

His lips pressed against hers for a long moment, his long dark hair falling over her face. Her heart melted to feel his love once again. She relaxed into the stone, deeper than she had ever relaxed before, melting into the kiss. His hands held her face gently as the kiss became more passionate.

Suddenly she felt it – a large, hard cock – pushed so deep inside her cunt that she¬† squealed against her Master’s lips. His hands held her face firmer. “Take His cock, Madelain. How does He feel inside of you? How does it feel? Tell me.” he whispered with a harsh tone.

“I love it, Master. I love His hard cock inside my cunt. I’m going to cum on his cock, Master.” she replied quickly, having said these words all afternoon. He pushed his mouth against hers again, now pinching at her nipples with his dirty, strong fingers. She moaned and bucked against the cloaked man as her Master made love to her mouth, the only thing she would be allowed to have of Him this evening – but she would take it. Again, and again…

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