What’s a girl to do when she gets kidnapped? Stay quiet and do as she’s told…

Part I
The blindfold went on immediately before being shoved into the backseat of His car. He wrapped her loosely with a blanket as she lay down, careful not to attract attention. He began to drive, and drive. She was shaking with anticipation, not knowing what to expect, but fearing she may have a clue. Soon his hand reached back to torment her during the drive… fingers tickling her clit, fucking her, making her moan. Then SLAP, against the thigh. Again. Her panties were soaked as she squirmed and whimpered. Twice she came before they arrived at their First destination.

He pulled her slowly out of the car. The blindfold was a pair of blackened shades as they entered the establishment. She began to shake as she heard voices and realized she was in some type of store. The smell of cigars and mold made her squirm as she was lead upstairs. She could hear distant laughter and men talking. Soon they entered a dark room. Her heart started pounding. He stepped her up on a platform with a pole. “Hold onto it and bed over.” he said firmly. She did as she was told.

He slipped down her panties and held her skirt up over her back. She could only see the ground, where she noticed several pairs of men’s shoes gathering around her. She began to feel the sting of fear and pleasure rise up in her throat. “Kneel down.” he commanded.

As she fell to her knees, he pulled her top down, exposing her breasts. She felt several hands pinching at her nipples, touching her all over, heavy breathing. Then, He pushed her head forward and she felt a cock pushing at her mouth. She opened and began to suck. Her hand was forced to stroke another, and she could hear several others being stroked nearby. She sucked slowly on the thick cock in her mouth, getting wetter in the hot moment, knowing all eyes were on her.

After sucking and stroking more cocks, her head was held in place as she heard someone’s breathing become very heavy. She became still and felt warm cum squirting all over her face and hair. “Thank you.” She said politely.

Soon she was taken into a small room with a couch. He bent her over, dress over her head, slipped on a condom and began fucking her hard and fast. She had two cocks in front of her, one in her mouth, one in her hand as she took it from all angles. She began to sweat and pant as it became overwhelming. She felt Him slide out and she was pushed onto the couch where she was aloud to pick who was next. The perfect cock, she’d been working on it for a while with her mouth, now she wanted to feel it. He pushed himself inside of her as she turned to suck another cock. It took very little time until she came hard and fast with him in a wild, hot moment of torrid pleasure!

Part II
She found herself in the backseat of the car again, his fingers forcing her to come as she wondered where she was going to end up next. The excitement began when she guessed it could be a Master’s house she had longed to see and be dominated by again.

As they pulled in and He walked her inside, she felt the cold tile beneath her and she knew – it was Him. Master X. She had fallen instantly for him at a party he held nearly two weeks prior. He played her in front of 50 guests, an artist with whips. Double handed floggers, bull whip, neck squeezing. His petite frame would leave you guessing how he could easily overpower you with strength. And the worst – his chuckle. As you begged for mercy, his amused chuckle in your ear would throw you over the edge. But Oh the looks. If you ever saw Underworld and fell in love with the head of the werewolves (her clan), you would know Him. They could be brothers.

As she was pushed against a spanking bench in Master X’s well-equipped home, her clothes were stripped from her, feeling helpless in the middle of the room. Master X came from behind, stretching her arms up over her head, hands down to her back, squeezing into a lock hard against him, while He pinched mercilessly at her nipples. She gasped and groaned as it hurt, yet the two powerful predators made her so wet she was floating.

Soon she was made to stand in the center of the room, forcing her arms to stay in the awkward position, creating her own bondage, legs spread apart. Master X snapped the bull whip next to her ear. Each time, she would jump, whimper, only egging him on. The snap of the whip would encircle her, snipping at her nipples, her back, her stomach. Over and over, occasionally snapping full force beside her to watch her cry out in fear. All the while, He stroked her pussy, pinching at her and taunting her body.

Before long they let her rest before taking her to a smaller room. Master X slid cuffs on her wrists and chained her arms up to a suspension beam. She begged for water, her mouth dry and her body weak. They made her beg again, and again. Finally He commanded, “Open your mouth. Wide!” As she did, thirsting desperately for the first drop, she felt the icy spill over her back. She cried out! Again, he demanded, “Open your mouth. Wider!” she did as she was told. This time he poured so much in she began to feel drowned. She swallowed as much as she could as the rest spilled over her breasts.

As He stood back, Master X swing the first flogger. She felt the second as he swooped both again and again relentlessly against her butt and thighs. She cried out as it stung her. He began to lick her from below as the whipping continued. Soon the hits struck her back, again, again, harder and furiously. She began to rise into ecstasy as she felt her favorite thing intensely. The tongue on her cunt and the whips on her back drove her to a new level as she screamed and groaned and finally – came hard. She stood limply against the pull of the cuffs as they began to bring her down.

As she was taken back home, forced to cum a last time in the backseat, she felt the cold of the night penetrate her within. What she had long imagined had come to fruition and she couldn’t help but wonder what else she had yet to discover?

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