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His sharp canines were exposed, his eyes narrow, as he waited in the shadows, breathlessly for her to come. The cold wind ran a shiver through him as he pulled his cloak close around his neck, feeling the moment draw close when he could hold her against him at last, sinking his bite into her pale flesh and draw her passion into his mouth until he was complete.

Footfalls became louder in the snow closer now. All in a moment, he took her, fast and firmly. He pressed her tightly against him, hand over her mouth, her body struggling to no avail. He sniffed her long, black hair at first, a faint perfume, the air of the office she came from, perhaps a coworker. Her eyes tried to see him, and soon her body became loose in his grip, sensing his power. A sigh breathed from her nose, her icy hands trying to touch him, to know him. He released his hand from her mouth.

“Please…” she begged, “Let me see you.”

There was a silence, even the streets seemed to sleep in the moment. His hold was loosened as he turned her into him, her eyes right into his. She held him, feeling faint as his gaze danced through her and paralyzed her senses. He had wavy dark hair about his shoulders, pale skin and strong jaw. But his eyes… she could not look away. Soon she could think of nothing else but complete submission.

“You see…” he whispered. His voice deep and thick. She nodded slowly, finally letting her head fall back, exposing her long, soft neck to him. “So easy, so pure. I take you now as your heart beats for me, knowing who is your eternal Master.” He stroked her hair, his fingers lingering on her neck, sliding delicately down to her chest. His respect was profound, for her beauty, for her submission.

Here his mouth touched her skin, slowly kissing, licking, then sinking his teeth deep into her flesh. Only silent tears fell as he began to suckle at her warm, pulsing blood. His hand caressed her breast as he sucked, feeling the life drain from her into him. Soon her body was limp in his arms and he lay her down.

“I will come for you.” he said. And as the morning light began to siege the night, his last words echoed in her until she was no more…

Excerpt from Blood of Beauty

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